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HID projector


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Brand new OEM headlight unit comes pre-installed with different colors on request.
DRL works as integrated turnsignal, can be placed up or down as per customer request.
Brand new OEM headlight unit comes pre-installed with customer specs.
Delivery headlight from Yamaha factory to us is about 4-8 days, to build your headlight (with customer specs) is less than 4 days.
***Turnaround time 8-12 days before dispatch***

You will get when engine off:
-Halo (circle perimeter) white
-Projector (circle filled in) red-blue-white-green
-Daytime running light (DRL)
^^^works separately or together (use our switch to toggle)

Engine on:
-Halo (circle perimeter) white
-Projector (circle filled in) white
-Daytime running light (DRL)
^^^works separately or together (use our switch to toggle)

- with HID conversion kit, ballast, wiring (complete kit)
- retains high & low beam
- Headlight is tested on our projectbike, we make sure everything works before   shipping out to our customers.
- 6000K
- 1 year warranty on our custom build.

* Black housing + black projectors available, 40 USD additional cost + 2 days longer before dispatch. (paint has to be completely dry before we can work on it)


Worth It Overall

I love the headlights. Shipping was long, but that was expected, and the assembly was properly packaged, but there were a few flaws. The assembly doesn't come with instructions because Anunaki recommended to take them to a professional to install them, but I instead had help from my boyfriend and his father who is familiar with electricals. The entire installation took well over 3 hours, but the end result was amazing. The only other complaint I have is that the red LED bulb I received for the front marker triangle is very cheap. Every time I hit a bump, the light would flicker, and now it won't turn on at all. I've tried to plug and play, but it's no good. I'll be ordering a higher quality LED.

    High risk, high reward

    The overall finish and quality of the headlight/electrical components is much better than I could have hoped for. So far, no part of the headlights has broken and the brightness of the lights are much better than the stock headlight system.
    The three switches that come with this are a bit brittle, but I planned on replacing them with some more heavy-duty switches anyways.

    There are no instructions that come with this, so be prepared to either pay someone else to install it for you, or spend a few hours on YouTube learning about the basics of electrical circuits. I went with the latter option, and saved myself a few hundred dollars.
    The rubber caps that sealed the majority of the wires leading into the main headlights can pop out if the glue doesn't stick (which it didn't), be prepared to re-glue them back in. Thankfully, you can help the sealing issue by re-using the stock headlight dust caps. I am not sure if this may cause the lights inside the headlight assembly unit to overheat eventually, but it's better than having the headlight's glass (clear plastic?) getting foggy all the time.

    Due to the way these headlights are made, it's reasonable to expect at least two weeks for your new headlights to arrive. No parts were damaged when I opened the box, and the packaging was done very well.

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      HID projector

      HID projector

      Please read description below.

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